3-1-1 Rule means 3 ounces, 1 quart and 1 bag to carry on

Somewhere high above the Atlantic. Photo by Sue Frause.

Even though it's OK to carry on liquids, gels and aerosols, there are some very specific packing requirements put forth by the Transportation Security Administration.

The 3-1-1 Rule simply means 3 ounces, 1 quart and 1 bag for carry-on liquids. In other words:
  • All liquids, gels and aerosols must be in three-ounce or smaller containers. Larger containers that are partially full or even rolled-up toothpaste tubes are not allowed.
  • All liquids, gels and aerosols must be packed in a single, one-quart, zip-top, clear plastic bag.
  • Larger bags or those that are not zip-top aren't allowed. Travelers may carry on only one plastic bag of liquids and/or gels and it must be inspected separately. Travelers should remove their quart-sized plastic bag from their carry-on luggage and place it on the conveyer belt for screening.
  • There are exceptions for such essentials as baby formula and prescriptions. Larger amounts of liquids may be carried in your checked luggage.
More details may be found at the Port Of Seattle's website.

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