Saturday, July 19, 2008

Locked in a loo in Chemainus, BC

RCMP Academy, Regina, Saskatchewan

One of the funnier news stories to end up in my in box is about the tourist who was trapped in a loo in Chemainus on Vancouver Island.

Here's the opener from the
Times Colonist story titled Mounties flush out tourist accidentally locked in loo:

Chemainus has redefined the phrase "tourist trap" -- as one unfortunate visitor to the scenic Vancouver Island community found out this week.

RCMP Const. Dave Hay of Chemainus-based South Island Traffic Services said he received the most unusual call of his career on Thursday from a resident of the Lower Mainland, who claimed that a relative was trapped in a public washroom in Waterwheel Park, which is near many of the town's popular outdoor murals.

To read the rest of Jeff Bell's story, click here.

RCMP Academy, Depot Division, Regina
Photo by Sue Frause

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