Taylor Mitchell dies from coyote attack

I'm a fan of many a Canadian musician, and was so saddened to hear of rising star Taylor Mitchell's death as a result of a coyote attack while hiking on Cape Breton's Skyline Trail.
"If a career in folk music hadn't come along, Taylor Mitchell might have spent the day training horses in Ontario, not walking a sun-kissed seaside trail between gigs in Nova Scotia. Life is unpredictable that way, and Ms. Mitchell, a rising young talent with the voice of an old soul, seemed to know it, though she was just 19. As such, no one could have foreseen the fate that awaited the Toronto singer-songwriter along Cape Breton's Skyline Trail on Tuesday: a pair of raging coyotes, out for her blood. Within moments, Ms. Mitchell lay dying, leaving a trail of grieving relatives, friends and fans, along with puzzled wildlife officials shocked by such a rare attack. One of the animals was shot and injured, but both were still at large."

You can read the rest of the story in The Globe and Mail.

May Taylor Mitchell's music live on.

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