I want my CTV! USA stuck with NBC for Olympic coverage

I knew some time ago that CTV won the bid to broadcast the Olympics in Canada. But I've been in denial for the past few months as I flip through my TV stations via Comcast. I keep thinking CTV will appear, but it hasn't.

The front page story in The Seattle Times sealed the deal for me that I'm stuck with NBC and its uber-biased rah-rah American coverage of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. That means way too many evenings spent with Bob Costas during his fireside chats.

In the meantime, I'm checking CTV Vancouver 2010 website for up to the nano-second coverage of the Winter Games.

And if you're still dreaming of attending the games in person, there are rooms available in Vancouver, Whistler and the surrounding area.

I'm looking forward to attending the 2010 US Figure Skating Championships in Spokane, WA next week. The event will determine the US Figure Skating Team for the Winter Olympics.
Note: An alert reader sent me an email noting that Comcast purchased NBC Universal. Coincidence that there is no CTV available on Comcast?

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