Canadian killed near San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

San Miguel de Allende. Photo by Sue Frause.
Even the seemingly peaceful area of San Miguel de Allende is not immune from the ongoing murders in Mexico: Officials confirm Canadian dead after woman slain in Mexico.

According to, "A woman in her 70s was found stabbed to death this past week at her home in Atotonilco, a suburb of San Miguel. The woman is believed to be Judith Baylis, formerly of Ottawa. The body was identified by her husband, Arthur John Baylis. Radio stations and newspapers in Mexico reported that her husband was not in Mexico at the time of the killing."

Travel to Mexico has not been on my list for the past few years, due to the rise in violence, crime and murders. I posted an item about it here in my blog in 2010, Travel to Mexico: Use a high degree of caution. When I checked Foreign Affairs and and International Trade Canada's website, I found this warning:
"Exercise high degree of caution. Canadians travelling to Mexico should exercise a high degree of caution due to a deteriorating security situation in many parts of the country. While most major tourist areas have not been affected by the extreme levels of violence witnessed in the northern border region, it is highly advisable to travel to Mexico by air (please see our travel warning for the Mexico-United States border). High levels of criminal activity, as well as occasional demonstrations and protests, remain a concern throughout the country."
It's no surprise that tourism in Mexico is suffering as a result of all the violence (Defending Mexico Tourism in Tough Times). My last visit to Mexico was in 2008, when I visited Mexico City and San Miguel de Allende. While in San Miguel, I stayed at Casa Don Pascual, owned by two Vancouverites. It is now for sale.

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