Tuesday, January 13, 2009

BC's Sunshine Coast: Hollywood was here filming a movie

Summer on the Sunshine Coast. Photo by Sue Frause.

I caught the tail end of a movie the other night on TV called Desolation Sound. Of course I'd heard of Desolation Sound in British Columbia, and actually traveled the waters, but within seconds I recognized the area in the 2005 movie as the Sunshine Coast. Turns out it was.

Last year I was fortunate to spend time at a very special spot on the Sunshine Coast: Rockwater Secret Cove Resort & Spa. Book your tentalow now! Nearby neighbors include none other than legendary Canadian singer/songwriter Joni Mitchell.

The other movie that was filmed on the Sunshine Coast was The Last Mimzy (2007). Ironically, the plot summary on IMDB begins: "The siblings Noah and Emma travel with their mother Jo from Seattle to the family cottage in Whidbey Island to spend a couple of days while their workaholic father David Wilder is working."

When I saw the movie, I knew it wasn't Whidbey Island, since I've lived here since 1975. And I suspected it was B.C. Now I know it's the Sunshine Coast --that must explain why I'm drawn to this beautiful part of Canada.

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