Canadians in Norway

I was hoping to run into a few Canadians while on my ten-day Norwegian odyssey.

Well, I did meet two other travel journalists, one from Calgary and the other Toronto.

But that doesn't count.

I mean real Canadians living in this country.

Thanks to Google, I stumbled upon a blog titled
A Canadian in Norway.

It's not the real deal, but as close as I could get to a Canadian living in Scandinavia.

Today I'm off on a six-day
Hurtigruten-Northern Lights Cruise between Kirkenes and Bergen.

I'll keep looking for Canucks.

Kirkenes, Norway is located 400 km north of the Arctic Circle. It's in northeastern Norway, near the Russian-Norwegian border.
Photo by Sue Frause.

To read more about my Norwegian adventure, go to my travel blog, Sue's Road Notes.

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