Thursday, February 15, 2007

What are your top travel websites? Here are a few of my favorites

London is a fun destination, even in grey December. Photo by Sue Frause.
I get a lot of requests for hotel recommendations. If I've visited a city, I pass along my suggestions. But if I haven't, I usually send travelers my favorite websites.

I'm not a big fan of tripadvisor and although once in awhile awhile I like to read what regular travelers think about particular properties, sometimes I wonder who is writing them (PR people? The competition?).

My favorite site for finding hotels is Frommer's. Not only do they rate them by both prices and stars, their well-written reviews are current and insightful. Although I don't like their hotel reviews quite as much, Fodor's does a good job in its overviews and itineraries for cities/regions.

Another good website is the Lonely Planet. I used to think it was too hippie dippy, but it's broadened its target audience over the years and you'll find accommodations in all price ranges -- from youth hostels to luxury hotels.

I'm off to New York City to visit my son next month, and found a great little hotel on the Lonely Planet site. It's only $160 a night,  with breaky -- a bargain for the Big Apple. It's not my favorite part of town (Times Square), but I have friends staying there on business so I'll be nearby

And of course, if you're headed across the pond, check Rick Steves' website. It's chock full of helpful information, including a fun Grafitti Wall where you can read and share tips with travelers on more than 100 topics.

If you have a favorite travel website, post a comment here and share it with other travelers. We can never have too many resources!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sue

Great recommendations. I have created a site all about the small Canary Island of Lanzarote. It´s called - Lanzarote Guidebook.

I´d be interested to hear what you think of it.


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