Saturday, November 03, 2007

Chef Rob Feenie leaves his Vancouver restaurants

Celebrated Vancouver chef Rob Feenie has parted ways with his two Vancouver restaurants. No longer will the 2005 Iron Chef America be in the kitchens of Lumiere and Feenie's.

I've dined at both restos, enjoying the more casual atmosphere and less fussy food at Feenie's than the somewhat pretentious Lumiere.

Feenie became the poster boy for food in British Columbia. His face was plastered on Vancouver city buses, he appeared in White Spot TV commercials and also hosted the TV show New Classics With Chef Rob Feenie.

He's also the author of three cookbooks: Rob Feenie Cooks at Lumiere, Lumiere Light and Feenie's.

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Anonymous said...

I have had the pleasure of dining with the "Feenie" experience! The food was incredible, the atmosphere inviting, and the service excellent. I am of the firm belief that you can teach anyone to perform a task, but passion is born, and nurtured to a well oiled machine. Rob Feenie is one such chef, and I look forward to dining in his next gastronomic success! Good Luck Rob, I look forward to your future!

Marcia in Kelowna

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