Monday, March 31, 2008

Cemeteries can be photo friendly

Crosscut, a dandy online publication in Seattle that features News of the Great Nearby (Washington/Oregon/Idaho/British Columbia), takes a fresh, regional look at the Pacific Northwest.

In today's edition, my photo of Victoria's Ross Bay Cemetery is featured on the front page. It's also featured here.

One of my favorite ways to get to know a place is by visiting a community's cemetery.

On a recent trip to Victoria, I toured the Victorian-era Ross Bay Cemetery.

Much to my surprise, legendary artist Emily Carr is buried there.

Ross Bay Cemetery, Victoria, BC
Photo by Sue Frause


Boomergirl said...

By way of Google Alert I came across your delightful blog. Full of great stories about Canada from a visitor's perspective. Terrific. And some one else likes cemeteries and I agree wholeheartedly, they can be photo-friendly.And I didn't know the Burying Ground in Halifax was the Maritimes oldest. Quite something indeed.

SUE FRAUSE said...

Hi there. Yes, I enjoyed your website so put a link into my post today about the old Burying Ground. So glad we met here in the blogosphere!

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