Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Churchill, Manitoba: It's on my long list of ...

I've been to Winnipeg, Manitoba and I liked it a lot.

Not every
South of the 49th Paralleler can lay claim to that.

But I've yet to journey north to Churchill, home of the polar bears and more.

It's on my long list of places to see while I'm still alive.

I found a somewhat dry video on YouTube about Churchill. But before I come off sounding like a snobby Simon Cowell, I should add that it's a documentary by Ken White. He's winner of the Gloucester Cine and Video Club's Documentary Competition 2008.

Gloucester -- as in Gloucester, England.

Don't expect MTV. But it does present interesting facts about Churchill and best of all, there are some good shots of polar bears at the end of the video.

Just bundle up and click on the arrow.

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