Friday, May 30, 2008

Foregin Affairs and International Trade Canada issues travel advisory to Indonesia

House in Bali, Indonesia. Photo by Sue Frause.
OFFICIAL WARNING: Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada advises against non-essential travel to Indonesia, including Bali.

You are advised to exercise a high level of security awareness in the country due to the current threat of terrorist attacks against Western interests in Indonesia. The possibility for terrorist attacks puts Canadians at greater risk throughout the country.

Canadian travellers should evaluate carefully the implications for their security and safety before deciding to travel to Indonesia. Terrorist attacks can occur at any time and in any location, including in Bali

I'm in Bali right now, and have no qualms about being here. Although coincidentally, I did hear today that the travel advisory to Indonesia has been lifted by the United States.

Is Canada far behind?


Anonymous said...

i feel sorry for the canadian, i'm a balinese ... we never treat foreign visitor badly... thanks, nice article.

SUE FRAUSE said...

Well, it's just an advisory. We are having a wonderful time in your country -- beautiful weather, yummy food and peaceful/friendly people. Thank you!

Anonymous said...


I met you last night with our mutual friend
As the Canadian Warden for Bali I can direct you to a website of our gocernment regarding travel advisories.

Unfortunately we have not changed ours yet from a non-essential travel warning.

Glad to see that people like your selves still come and enjoy Bali and its beauty, food, culture, peoples.

Have a great trip here.


SUE FRAUSE said...

Hello W.L. -

I didn't realize you were the Canadian Warden for Bali! It was nice to meet you at the resto -- we are having a wonderful time, spent the day at White Sand Beach. Teresa is a most wonderful hostess and the people here are warm and gracious. As is the weather :-).

Hope to see you again sometime.


Sue Frause

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