Friday, June 27, 2008

Canadian gas prices hit record high

Photo by Sue Frause

Here's a recent article from the Calgary Herald about gas prices in Canada:

Fill-up prices hit new record across Canada

The average price of gasoline in Canada rose 2.3 cents a litre over the last week, putting it at a new record of $1.384 a litre, a petroleum industry research group said Tuesday.

In Calgary, the average price was up 0.1 of a cent to $1.305 per litre, MJ Ervin & Associates said in its weekly pump-price survey.

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Anonymous said...

How much is that a gallon??

SUE FRAUSE said...

Good idea, so I had a good math student do the calculations. There are 7.885 liters in a gallon. The average cost of gas in Canada is now $5.24 a gallon and in Alberta it's $4.94. Hope that helps! I'm paying $4.99 a gallon for diesel in Washington state.

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