Friday, July 04, 2008

Peace Arch Park : Canada/US Border dedicated in 1921

Peace Arch Park
Peace Arch International Park
Photo by Sue Frause

It's the Fourth of July in the US, our biggest summer holiday of the year. Canadians celebrated Canada Day earlier this week, so as with many things, we have a lot in common.

Whenever I drive to British Columbia, I'm fortunate to pass by the International Peace Arch. OK, I don't feel all that fortunate when the line is horrendously long.

The Peace Arch is located on the international boundary between Surrey, British Columbia and Blaine, Washington. One foot of the arch is anchored in Canadian soil and the other in America.

At the top of the monument is inscribed, Children of a Common Mother on the US side. On the Canadian side, Brethren dwelling together in unity.

The Peace Arch represents the longest undefended boundary in the world. It was dedicated in 1921 and is the first monument to be built and dedicated to world peace. It's also one of a few landmarks in the world listed on the National Register of Historic Places of two countries.

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