Thursday, September 04, 2008

Know anybody with the name "Canada"?

I've never met anybody with the last name of
Canada, but 87 people in the state of Missouri have it as a last name. Why I know is that I'm in Kansas City, Missouri right now for Travel Media Showcase and I Googled "Missouri Canada" and came up with this information from

Canada is the 3,214th ranked last name in Missouri. It's right between Brauer (3,213) and Chang (3,215).

Top states for the last name

1. Texas 286 listings
2. California 179 listings
3. Virginia 157 listings
4. Florida 151 listings
5. Kentucky 144 listings

Most Popular first names for

1. Robert 4 listings
2. Susan 3 listings
3. Howard 2 listings
4. Tommy 2 listings
5. Mary 2 listings

Funny, my husband's name is Robert and I'm Susan -- Mr. & Mrs. Canada!

Kansas City, Missouri on a rainy Wednesday in September 2008
Photo by Sue Frause

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