Thursday, December 04, 2008

O Canada! Politics takes center stage (with a slice of hockey on the side and an upcoming election)

For once, Canadian politics is at the top of the fold in Canadian newspapers instead of what's goin' on south of the 49th Parallel. I'm still not totally clear on how their political parties work, but things are pretty much a mess right now. Here's the headline in
The Globe and Mail:

Parliament shut down till Jan. 26 : After lengthy meeting at Rideau Hall, Prime Minister obtains Governor-General's consent to prorogue in face of opposition bid to topple his minority government

And here's the headline in the
The (Montreal) Gazette: Montrealers 'following the crisis a little more each day'

I watched Peter Mansbridge on CBC's The National last night at 10 o'clock instead of the usual fluff I usually imbibe at that hour. It cleared things up quite a bit -- let's hope the government will get it together, too.

And it's not a good news night in Canada unless there's a hockey element: NHL suspends Avery indefinitely over personal remark

To add to the late fall frenzy, Quebec is holding a General Election on Monday, Dec. 8. May the best candidate(s) win.

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