Saturday, March 14, 2009

Norwegian Media Watch: O Canada!

There are no shortage of blog topics out there. One of the more unusual ones landed in my in box the other day:

Norwegian Media Watch:
837 Stories from 153 Publications/Organisations, 2 MP & 2 News Agencies

"This site exposes ignorance, assumptions, discrimination, & double standards in the Norwegian press towards Canada, Canadians, & Canadian culture. It lists how ignorant & lazy some journalists are about Canada & that "guessing" and "assumption" rather than FACT is used in their stories, & how some care little for accuracy & more on what they "think" or "assume" is correct about Canada and Canadians!

Who knew this was even an issue?

A nautical chart aboard Hurtigruten's MS Polarlys in Norway
Photo by Sue Frause

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