Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A (big) fish story: 76.6 lb. salmon in BC

Now that's a big fish! A 76.6 lb Chinook Salmon was caught last week at Andrews Point off Langara Island in BC's Queen Charlotte Islands. So say the fishing guides at the Clubhouse, which is part of the West Coast Fishing Club.

The huge salmon was pulled up to the boat after an intense 30-minute fight by guest Dave Willis. Measuring 50” by 35” and tipping the scale at 76.6 lbs, the Chinook (also known as a King or Spring Salmon) is the largest recorded Chinook catch for the West Coast Fishing Club since its inception in 1991.

After pausing briefly for photos alongside the boat, the fish was released back into the ocean, part of the West Coast Fishing Club’s Catch and Release Program. Advocated by the Club and its fishing guides, guests are encouraged to release any catch of
trophy size (over 30 lbs, also known as Tyees). In doing so, it encourages a strong gene pool for the fish around Langara Island, ensuring there will be big game fishing for future generations of anglers.

Halibut is another prized fish, with Langara Island giants often weighing in at more than 200 lbs (the West Coast Fishing Club record is over 300 lbs). But size isn't everything, as the best eating fish are in the 10-25 lbs range. Guests do not go home empty handed in this category.

2009 is proving to be a great year for fishing off the Queen Charlotte Islands. The West Coast Fishing Club offers world-class fishing that includes knowledgeable guides and luxurious accommodation. The season runs through Sept. 10, 2009.

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