Friday, March 26, 2010

Visions of Canada via PBS: Missing provinces?

My vision of Canada along Quebec's Lighthouse Trail
Photo by Sue Frause
As much as I enjoyed the new PBS video, Visions of Canada, I'm sure that folks in provinces such as Manitoba and Saskatchewan are feeling left out in the cold.

Granted, you can't pack everything into a 90-minute puff piece, but I felt there were some big oversights, and the video was more gloss than substance. Also, the narrator's voice was a bit too soothing and fluffy, and doesn't match the flavor that is Canada.

And yes, I caught a blooper. When highlighting Vancouver's Gastown area, they showed the exterior of Amarcord, a restaurant that is actually in Yaletown.

I prefer British Columbia's recent ad campaign much more than the PBS video. You Gotta Be Here in 2010 ran during the Winter Games, and featured some very familiar faces. Good stuff.

Side Note: When Googling Visions of Canada, the first result I came up with was an eye glass company in Windsor, Ontario that creates the "world's thinnest eyeglasses."

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Anonymous said...

They also mentioned Boldt Castle which is not in Canada but a point of entry to the US.

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