Friday, April 02, 2010

Save the Bastion: Icon of Nanaimo to be restored

The Bastion in 2007. Photo by Sue Frause.

The Bastion has long been a landmark in the Vancouver Island community of Nanaimo.

Built in 1853 by Hudson's Bay Company, it's the oldest building in this seaside city and possibly the second oldest building in British Columbia.

But old means deterioration, and after years of enduring harsh weather, its not aging well. The building is rotting and listing, and it's no longer safe for people to go inside.

A movement is afoot to Save the Bastion, as reported on ANews Vancouver Island (video) and the Nanaimo Daily News.


David Stanley said...

The Bastion is indeed the trademark building of Nanaimo and most of us "locals" are pleased to see it being restored. I always cast my eye on that venerable building wherever I drive or walk by. It's our connection to the very foundation of this city!

jessica irving said...

I'm a descendant of J Mackay (the gentleman who 'built' it) and really am anxious to see this fixed up as its my daughters heritage as well!

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