Sunday, April 04, 2010

Window on Canada: Heat wave in Quebec City

Autumn in Quebec City. Photo by Sue Frause.

Funny what you find out on Twitter. I follow @breaking weather and this tweet came through:
Quebec, Canada, warmed to 79 degrees Saturday; the earliest the city has ever warmed into the 80s occurred on April 11, 1945.
I was in Quebec City in November 2009; the sky was blue but the temperatures chilly.

When researching the heat wave, I stumbled upon the Quebec-Chronicle Telegraph, based in Quebec City. According to their masthead, it's the oldest newspaper in North America, dating back to 1764. This is what Wikipedia has to say about the publication:
The Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph, founded by William Brown (c. 1737-1789) as the Quebec Gazette on 21 June 1764, claims to be the oldest newspaper in North America. It is currently published as an English language weekly from its offices at 1040 Belvedere, suite 218, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.Formerly a bilingual French-English publication, the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph celebrated its 245th anniversary in 2009.

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