Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tadoussac Chapel: Canada's oldest wooden church is in Quebec

Quebec's Petite Chapelle de Tadoussace (Tadoussac Chapel) was built in 1747. Located near the iconic Hotel Tadoussac (used in the film The Hotel New Hampshire), it's the oldest wooden church in Canada.

Since it was built by the Jesuit missionaries in their attempt to convert the Montagnais to Christianity, it's also known as the Indians' Chapel. It contains some of the original religious items that were used when the first mass was celebrated on June 24, 1750.

The chapel is open mid-June to mid-October from 9 AM to 9PM. A guide is on location.

Tadoussac is the oldest village in Canada, celebrating its 400th anniversary in 2000. The site of the first official fur trading post in Canada, it's located where the Saguenay River Fjord meets the St Lawrence River.

Photos by Sue Frause

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