Saturday, June 05, 2010

Quebec's depanneurs a neighborhood fixture

I'd never heard the term depanneur before my first visit to Quebec nearly a decade ago. Called dep for short, it's simply a convenience store that sells cigarettes, beer, wine, lotto tickets and groceries.

According to The Montreal Gazette, the city had 1,127 depanneurs in 2009. That equals approximately one for every 1,500 people.

Jeff Henrich of The Gazette penned a wonderful piece (A day at the dep) about his neighborhood depanneur in Plateau Mont-Royal.

There's even a Flickr page: Depanneurs du Quebec.

What's your favorite dep?

A depanneur in St. Boniface, Winnipeg's Francophile community
Photo by Sue Frause


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Depanneur began life as an emergency service for the early cars...gradually spreading to emergengies of all kind, such as running out of beers, or cigarettes, or lotto tickets. The necessities of modern life. I paint these landmarks of Quebec life, showing the way they used to look and, in some cases, still do! Just Google depanneur in St. Henri

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