Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Live@YVR's Top Ten Holiday Travel Tips for Vancouver travelers

Storyteller Jaeger Mah is back! He's the plucky fellow who won a contest to live at Vancouver International Airport (YVR) for 80 days -- I wrote about him in a previous blog post as he was wrapping up his airport gig.

Now Jaeger has Top Ten Holiday Travel Tips ("Save time and sanity") for travelers flying out of YVR. Even if Vancouver isn't your home airport, many of the tips apply to air travelers in general. Click on the link for a fun two-minute video, filmed at YVR. Bon Voyage!

Shopping at Vancouver International Airport
Photo by Sue Frause


How To Travel The World said...

Excellent travel tips which will be used for the travelers decided to use the holidays coming on for Christmas and New year.

pimalai said...

Admittedly, I never had too much of a desire to go to Vancouver. After seeing that video, however, I am happy to declare that I have changed my mind. Thanks for changing my mind and posting the link.

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