Saturday, September 29, 2012

My Canada: Escents Aromatherapy's aromatic blends inspired by country's six regions

I'm not a big fan of aromatic blends and smelly stuff, as usually they make me sneeze and wheeze and get all teary-eyed. But this is a very cool idea, one I may have to try out. The Canadian company Escents Aromatherapy has come out with a new product line called My Canada. It's comprised of six new aromatic blends inspired by Canada's six different regions: Pacific, Prairie, Metro, Maritime, French and Arctic.

According to Escents founder Jacqui MacNeill, the goal was to capture and share the essence of the country's coast-to-coast "awe-inspiring landscapes" with each scent. Crafted from 100% essential oils, the My Canada line is available in aroma blends, hand and body lotion, wash and bubble, handmade soap and reed diffusers. Artwork that's evocative of each region wraps around each item. Here are the six aromatic blends, along with photos I've taken from each region in Canada during my many travels.

PACIFIC | Fresh | Pine, Cedarwood
Just like the lush rainforests of British Columbia this scent combines clean, crisp pine with earthy cedarwood, creating a fresh scent that is slightly salty—much like the sea air.

Heading to Sonora Resort in BC's Desolation Sound.

PRAIRIE | Indulgent | Cardamom, Davana
Inspired by the rolling hills and wheat fields of the Prairies. Aromatic, smoky cardamom and sweet woody davana blend together—creating a comforting, indulgent scent.

Saskatchewan sunset aboard Via Rail Canada.

METRO | Energized | Amyris, Mimosa
Inspired by the complex nature of a busy city. Full of energy, this fragrance combines woodsy Amyris with the sweet floral of Mimosa—creating a citrusy scent that is fun and full of life.

CN Tower in Toronto.

FRENCH | Passionate | Lavender, Black Pepper
Much like the rich culture of the French Canadian region, this fragrance mingles the soft floral of Lavender with the unique, richness of Black Pepper.

Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac. 

MARITIME | Balanced | Frankincense, Bergamot
The quaint fishing villages and the rolling waves of the sea inspire this calming, balanced scent. Earthy frankincense and refreshing, citrusy bergamot help to ignite a feeling of ease.

Music of the Maritimes at McKelvey's in Halifax.

ARCTIC | Unwind | Anise, Peppermint
This unique scent merges cooling, refreshing peppermint with liquorice-like anise creating a scent that helps calm and unwind. Inspired by the icy, cold weather of the Canadian Arctic.

A cool adventure with Cruise North

All photos by Sue Frause. Nos. 2-3-4-5 were taken during my Great Big Canadian Train Adventure.

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