Monday, February 10, 2014

Look and Feel Canadian Instantly with Life-Transforming Breathspray!

Who knew you could become an instant Canadian with just a few squirts of a Life-Transforming Breathspray? One of my friends gave it to me for my birthday, knowing that I'm a Closet Canuck! Here's the description on the back of the package:
"You may have read about Canadians in books or watched documentaries about their country on TV. But you probably never imagined that you could be part of this alternative lifestyle ... for less than the cost of a glass of beer."
Being Canadian is considered an alternative lifestyle? That part made me laugh! And even more so as the description rambled on:
"Feel Canadian and instantly experience an enhanced appreciation of fresh water lakes, rippling streams, moose, squirrels, bears, maple syrup and loons. Discover simple pleasures like trout fishing, snowshoeing, wiener roasts and campfire sing-a-longs. And, best of all, look and feel Canadian!"
This goofy I-Wanna-Be-Canadian product is one of many offered by BlueQ, a company out of Pittsfield, Massachusetts. So how does the peppermint flavor breath spray taste? Not bad. Sort of like misty Altoids. But do I look and feel Canadian instantly? Not really, but I am flying to Nanaimo and Victoria, BC next week via Kenmore Air. Pretty cool, eh?

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