Wednesday, February 16, 2022


Ritual Nordic Spa has opened in Victoria, BC. Although it's the first Nordic Spa built on Vancouver Island, it's not BC's first Scandinavian focused spa. La Scandinave Spa opened in Whistler just in time for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.  

Inspired by the classic sauna tradition of Finland, Victoria's Ritual Nordic Spa reimagines the hot/cold/relax circuit -- creating a modern sauna experience in an urban setting. Located in Harris Green neighborhood just minutes from Victoria's Inner Harbour, Ritual Nordic Spa's features include:
  • Indoor cold plunge pool
  • Four saunas (including Finnish and infrared)
  • Steam room
  • Warm Himalayan salt lounge
  • Nordic showers
  • Outdoor patios
  • Lockers | Robes-Sandals | Showers | Towels
Other wellness offerings include massage services, a generous lounge and outdoor space and a cafe bar featuring beverages and apres spa snacks. 
The newly-opened urban oasis is the vision of of Marci Hotsenpiller, Founder and CEO of Ritual Nordic Spa. "My first sauna experience was at age three at my grandmother's Muskoka cottage in Ontario, and I've been obsessed with the experience ever since," said Hotsenpiller. Growing up in a ski racing family who spent winters on the slopes of Austria and Switzerland, post-ski recovery in thermal baths and cold plunge pools was part of their program. "Ritual fulfills my dream of bringing all the amazing benefits of the hot sauna, cold plunge and massage under one roof in my hometown of Victoria," said Hotsenpiller. "With the opportunity for a cold beverage afterward." 

In Scandinavian culture, the sauna is a place to rest and cleanse your mind and body. The heart of Nordic spa involves moving the body through a cycle of thermotherapy: Hot | Cold | Rest | Repeat. The cycle's goal is to achieve temperature contrasts that boost immunity, mood and overall wellbeing. 

Ritual Nordic Spa was designed with the environment and sustainability in mind. Spaces were created to maximize natural light and utilize energy efficient water filtration, heating and energy recovery systems.

The Ritual Nordic Spa Circuit is a two-hour experience in a contemporary space. Guests move through the hot/cold/rest cycle offered by the spa's traditional Finish sauna, herbal-scented steam room, cold plunge pool, bucket showers and the chill-out zones of a Himalayan salt lounge and outdoor patios. The circuit may be completed on the guest's own time, independently or with others. Other offerings include massage services from a registered therapist in one of three treatment rooms and a unique Alpine dry-brush experience. 

Ritual Nordic Spa Circuit
$59 for mid-week visits, $69 on weekends
Series passes available

989 Johnson Street - #1
Victoria, BC 

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