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The Seattle Kraken, which joined the National Hockey League's Pacific Division of the Western Conference in 2021, calls Climate Pledge Arena their home. The team's name, Kraken, is derived from the mythical kraken of Scandinavian folklore and its resemblance to the native giant Pacific octopus, found in the waters of Puget Sound. The colorful logo was created by Seattle's Cody Pearson Design

"Kraken: A fabulous Scandinavian sea monster perhaps imagined on the basis of chance sights of giant squids. It appears in literature in a poem of Alfred, Lord Tennyson's juvenilia called "The Kraken".

 Source: Encyclopedia Britannica

Vancouver's Sylvia Hotel opened on May 13, 1913 as a 70-unit apartment building. Known then as Sylvia Court, it was the tallest building in the city. In 1975, the City of Vancouver designated the Sylvia a heritage building, one of the few publicly accessible heritage buildings in Vancouver.
The hotel is located on English Bay in Vancouver's West End. Boston ivy, a trademark feature of the hotel, covers more than half of the property in seasonal colors. The vines are the legacy of one of Sylvia Court’s first tenants, Mrs. Kenvyn, who started the plant after World War II.

On July 2, 1954, the medieval themed TILTING ROOM opened at the Sylvia Hotel, making it Vancouver's first cocktail lounge. Pictured above is a photo I took of the hotel's cocktail menu while visiting Vancouver during the city's 2018 Celebration of Light, an annual fireworks competition. 
This year's fireworks competition on English Bay, Honda Celebration of Light, will be held July 22-29, 2023. The three countries participating are Australia, Mexico and the Philippines. I took the fireworks photo from the Sylvia Hotel while dining on their outdoor patio.
PS: The burger and fries were delicious! 


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