Friday, January 14, 2011

Where in the world is The Lamont Hotel? Hint: Vancouver, BC

The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver? Photo by Sue Frause.

I did a double take when I spied this sign on The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. The Lamont Hotel? My first thought was that maybe a TV or movie was filming there, renamed The Lamont Hotel.

When I Googled it, turns out that there was a situation comedy on TV for six months in 2003-2004 called Whoopi. Not surprisingly, it starred Whoopi Goldberg, the owner of a small hotel called The Lamont in New York City.

I should have inquired about the mysterious sign at the front desk of The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. If anybody has an explanation, do tell!


Anonymous said...

Strange. The only thing that I could find is that a Wendy La Mont works for Fairmont. Perhaps it was a surprise birthday or milestone for of some kind and the staff did this as a kind of salute??
Wendy La Mont
"Vancouver Director, Revenue Management at Fairmont Hotels and Resorts
Demographic info
Vancouver, Canada Area | Hospitality
Current:Vancouver Director, Revenue Management at Fairmont Hotels and Resorts Past:Director, Revenue Management - Fairmont Waterfront & Fairmont Hotel Vancouver at Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, Revenue Manager at Fairmont Wat...Education:Vancouver Community College "

SUE FRAUSE said...

I found that, too ... or maybe she got a big promotion, retired, etc.? But it was pretty strange! Thanks for the info :-).

Anonymous said...

I think the sign was there for the season finale of a show called Human Target which is fictionally in San Francisco but filmed in Vancouver.

SUE FRAUSE said...

Ah, thanks for the info on Human Target. Not familiar with the show; I'll check it out.

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